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See How Btracking's Fleet Management Software Can Help Improve Your Bottom Line! offers an all-in-one GPS vehicle tracking solution that has helped thousands of businesses improve their operations and performance.

Btracking Software Enables Fleet Managers to:

  • Monitor vehicle utilization and serviceable assets;
  • Eliminate unnecessary overtime costs;
  • Conserve fuel to lower costs;
  • Reduce vehicle maintenance costs;
  • Lower insurance costs;
  • Create customized reports with user-friendly, web-based systems;
  • Optimize fleet dispatch operations;
  • Increase customer service satisfaction.

Btracking is on the job 24/7, providing "on the cloud" fleet management capabilities. Btracking is on the go 24/7 with free apps for Droids, iPhones, and Tablets. Better yet, Btracking training and unlimited tech support are on the house. Contact Us now at

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