Employee Tracking
Visibility into your offsite resources
  • Reduced mileage / more efficient routing
  • Improved response times
  • Better use of company resources
  • Increased levels of producivity at client sites
  • Better Benchmarking & Continuous Improvement
  • Transparent billing
  • Plus so much more …
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Reliable Asset Protection

  •  Increases in productivity for your field team, is a key outcome that we deliver.    Whether you're in Sales, Field Services or Event Marketing Btracking can maximize the return on your existing wireless investment and give you visibility into your mobile workforce.
  • Increase revenues with improved productivity from your mobile team
  • Lower your costs through reduced downtime, overtime, fuel consumption etc
  • Back-Up Battery Prevents Tampering
  • Increase customer satisfaction with improved punctuality, service delivery, and billing transparency
  • Provide for employee safety with location based panic functionality
  • Gain the confidence of increased visibility into field activities and efficient mobile team management

How it works

Better Visibility = Greater Efficiencey, Lower Costs & Better Decisions for your Business

gps tracking system How it works


We can track and report on anything your business has deployed in the field! At Btracking, we provide real-time tracking & reporting on your offsite resources, personnel and assets Whether it's through smartphones or dedicated GPS devices, Btracking provides better visibility for only pennies a day.

  Plug N Play GPS Dedicated Vehicle
Asset Tracking
Installation None Hard-wired None None
Real time mapping
Arrival / Departure Alerts
Time Spent on Site
Ignition & Idle Alerts
Mileage Reports
Automated Reports

Supported Devices

Whether you are looking to track smartphones, vehicles, generators, forklifts, construction equipment, etc. We are sure to have a solution ready for you.

Simple Plug N Play

Simple Plug N Play

Dedicated GPS Devices 
with diagnostics

Dedicated GPS Devices with diagnostics

Smartphones / Rugged Mobiles

Smartphones / Rugged Mobiles

  • Nearest driver to location, driver or address
  • Show all devices on map and status
  • Customizable vehicle icons
  • Historical trails
  • Geofences and Unlimited Landmarks
  • Google maps with traffic and street view
  • Import unlimited landmarks from CSV files
  • Detailed Report (event by event)
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Miles, Time or Engine Hrs
  • Landmark report
  • PTO/Input Reports
  • Scheduled Reports for Specific Units or Groups
  • Export in CSV or PDF for 3rd party use
  • Data stored indefinitely for life of account
  • Off Hours and Motion Sensor Alerts
  • Locate mobile devices on command*
  • Geofence
  • Landmark Updates
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Alerts for Low Battery and Stopped Reporting
  • Main Power Disconnect for Tampering
  • Easily find equipment across work sites
  • Prevent theft and misuse with real-time alerts
  • Be alerted of unit arrivals
  • Proof of drop offs
  • Maintain equipment life with maintenance alerts
  • Easily locate units and manage large inventories
  • Verify equipment use with PTO reports and alerts

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