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Btracking.com Designs and Builds Customized GPS Tracking Solutions

Btracking provides essential B2B services to manage offsite company resources and personnel.

Btracking delivers fleet intelligence solutions and location-based services (LBS), through software platforms to commercial and government fleets across North America and around the world. Our solutions are enabled by our dedicated team which delivers innovative approaches for insights and functional hardware & software designs - to provide industry leading benchmarks and solutions.

With more than tens of millions of records processed daily— Btracking's innovative solutions are relied upon every day by some of the world's largest and most sophisticated organizations, as well as local entrepreneurs.

Clients around the world, and across various industries, rely upon Btracking's GPS services to monitor, track, and deliver mobile resource management (MRM) as a functional and indispensable partner.

Our solutions have been developed and proven since first launching in 2009 and are based on industry-leading best practices offering unparalleled breadth of functionality to support the needs of fleet, remote assets, containers, equipment & personnel management.

Btracking Combines State of the Art GPS Satellite Technology with Expert Software Customization and the Latest Vehicle Tracking Hardware

In addition to all the universal GPS tracking tools, Btracking offers exclusive, state-of-the-art features unmatched by competitors:

  • Driver Safety Alerts report in real-time seat-belt usage, speeding, rapid acceleration, hard braking and hard turns.
  • Tablet Integration & Smartphone Apps facilitate communications across all fleet channels.
  • Hard-Wire and/or Plug-and-Play Devices work in any vehicle.
  • Unlimited Data Storage on the Cloud enables precise record-keeping and analytics reports.
  • Free Training, In-House Tech Support and Customer Service for Software and Hardware helps get Btracking up and running, and keep teams on the right track.

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